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Meet Christine ...

"...boundary breaking is routine for Collister and makes her one of the finest grown-up vocalists on the planet…’ – Q

Christine’s career now spans an incredible 40 years! Over that bridge of time she has released 24 albums … a DVD celebrating 20 years in the business and a single with the BBC : the theme tune for “The Life and Loves of a She-Devil” in 1984.

Throughout, she has mesmerized and astounded with her unique blend of soul, blues, pop, jazz, country and folk, and today she remains as powerful, subtle and effortless as ever.

‘ much soul you think she’d been signed by Motown’ – Q

Solo albums recorded over the past decade or so have seen her convincingly interpret Smoky Robinson, Nick Drake, Robert Wyatt, Tom Waits, Paul Simon, U2 and Lal Waterson, amongst many others – whilst  her own self penned or cowritten compositions have developed in depth and expression.

“Christine Collister can sing the birds down off the trees and send them back with a tiny flick of her vocal chords.” Mojo

Christine Collister hails from the tiny Celtic nation of the Isle of Man. Her professional recording career began in the mid 1980’s but she first came to national attention singing the 1987 theme for the BBC Television series The Life and Loves Of A She Devil. Following a fruitful association with The Richard Thompson Band, Christine enjoyed a period of critical and commercial success in a seven-year partnership with Clive Gregson. She also toured and recorded with the female super group Daphne’s Flight.


In 2017, 21 years after their first collaboration, they released a highly acclaimed album: "Knows Time, Knows Change" on Fledgling Records. With a hugely successful tour of the UK in the spring of 2017 under their belts and sounding better than ever, they followed on with a release of "Daphne's Flight LIVE" supported by another sell out tour in 2018. 2019 added  a range of Festival appearances that elevated their status as the new go-to female super-group! On Arrival their third studio album recorded over the summer of 2019 was released May 1st 2020 and should have been followed by a sell-out run of dates throughout May into June but due to Covid19 ... those exciting shows are now rescheduled to 2021! Onward!

“ … a voice personally delivered by God.” The Times

Over the course of her career Christine has become a familiar name on the UK ‘live’ scene and at all major festivals from Glastonbury to Winnipeg to Cambridge. With a gravity defying voice, assured and impressive live performances and great personal charm she is a magical live performer.

‘Christine Collister has a killer voice. As full as Dusty Springfield or as blue as Alison Moyet’ – Froots

Christine has always enjoyed the collaborative process and has been an integral part of many and varied musical projects over the years. Her most recent collaboration with brilliant Australian guitarist Michael Fix has been a successful and delightful surprise for them both. 2018 saw them return to the Australian Festival scene and their first foray in the UK later that year. There was high excitement and anticipation for their sell-out UK tour in October 2019. 


The release of their second studio CD  "North&South"  launched at a very special concert coinciding with their  UK tour, started in Christine's hometown of Douglas in the Isle of Man September  27th at the Villa Arcade! 

Their wonderful performances were then brought to Australian shores the beginning of 2020 and the hope for a return UK run of dates in September has now been postponed to September 2021!

‘Christine Collister’s singing was powerful and emotional, shifting effortlessly from soft and angelic to knock you out Janice Joplin style. Michael Fix’s guitar was equally superb. He provided tasteful support in the most charming way and would then explode into amazing virtuoso runs across the finger board, all impeccably tasteful and clean.’

– Troubadour (Woy Woy NSW) concert review, Michael Fine 

Christine has also worked closely with Dave Kelly, acclaimed British Blues man and long standing member of the highly acclaimed Blues Band. They have enjoyed several successful tours with a full band and in 2011 with a more acoustic set-up, working with long time friend and collaborator Pete Filleul. After a successful acoustic duo performance.

Hell Bent Heaven Bound, alongside Barb Jungr, Michael Parker and Ian Shaw in 1992 was part of “Pick of the Fringe” series at the South Bank following a great run at the Edinburgh Festival. Helen Watson replaced Ian Shaw for Hell Bent Heaven Bound II in 1993 . Both projects were themed collections of songs given effective and often unusual arrangements and harmonic twists – both shows were highly successful and played to packed houses both in the UK and Canada. A double album of the show (originally on cassette!) was re-released in 2007.

Christine performed live with fellow Manxman Rob Cross in 2009 through to 2011 recording the first Under Construction CD a selection of originals and cover songs which was sold at live shows. 

Christine’s natural warmth and intimate connection with audiences coupled with her stunning voice, make her concerts delightfully memorable events.

‘…one of the world’s finest..’ – Q

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