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Children Of The Sea

I've been working on this special project for over a year now. I started the process of applying for funding from both the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin in July and September of 2021. The application was for  a CD of original songs inspired by Manx Folklore and a magical sense of place, an idea I had previously connected with on the Daphne's Flight album “Knows Time Knows Change” which was released in 2017. The two original songs I contributed then were “Goddess Of Mann”, co-written with Lindsay Roe and “No-one Knows His Name". I’m incredibly grateful that I was awarded equal funding from both the IOM Arts Council and Culture Vannin. 


After much research and general creative pondering, I started writing in March 2022 and had 9 songs mixed and mastered  by the end of November the same year. I did all of this in my mum's sun room, next to the lounge in her house in Kirk Michael, on the west coast of the Isle of Man. Almost, entirely on my own. It wasn't the way I'd envisioned the recording at all but through all kinds of circumstances it became the only way possible. However, once the writing and recording had begun and as it all gathered pace, I had the sense that more was needed to really set these songs and stories in their best possible light. The idea of a book with the inspirations, stories and song lyrics together with a CD tucked neatly into its cover began to form in my mind and it seemed the most natural thing to include some original artwork to illustrate each song. 

Having committed to creating a book etc I have been trying to organise myself to gather the artwork and necessary funding to support my ambitious idea. I have recently been awarded further funding from the IOM Arts Council to design the book and pay for some of the artwork ... for which I am extremely grateful. The work required to pull this all together is under way but there are many moving parts. Mostly they’re in my court! Finishing the writing is my biggest task though I have something now for each of the songs. What I’m also attempting to do is write separate pieces about the Island’s mystery and folklore (very brief!) A little about the Island in general; the musical process I went through and the art process of searching for and finding and in some cases commissioning, pieces of art for illustration. 

I’m thrilled to let you know that the wonderful Manx artist Nicola Dixon has accepted a commission to create pieces of art for 3 of the songs!!

There’s a ways to go but it should all come together this year and maybe even by summer’s end. That’s my hope. There are samples of each of the songs dotted throughout lats years Blogposts though I may at some point soon post snippets of the finished tracks to hopefully keep some interest in the project going. I’ve decided to do a relatively short pressing of 500 copies to keep the whole thing exciting and desirable. That’s the idea anyway! This is simply a holding page for anyone interested in what’s going on and what to expect in the not-too-distant-future.

Thanks for reading this far. I’ll announce further developments as and when they arise here first but also in the monthly Blogpost. OK better get on with the writing! Bye for now 

Much love

Christine x

Aka a child of the sea x

PS: the background photo is underwater at Fenella Beach (by kind permission Izzy Mechado-Williams).

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