Live Shows 2022 

This coming year is a bit of a mystery as far as live shows go but I hold close to my heart the possibility of new ways of reaching a live audience! By hook or by crook I'll find a way and when I do ... you'll hear about it! I trust you will all be ready to get down with your bad selves (in the best possible way!:) as soon as I find a way! Thanks for your patience and continued support. I can't do what I do without you!

 CC In Lockdown FB Live March 20th 2020

A song from an actual House Concert just before Lockdown III on the Isle of Man

For bookings and availability of

Christine solo or Collister & Fix,

please contact:

Phone, 07973 463767

Blue Moon Music Agency.

Last CC In Lockdown was Friday January 29th

CC in Lockdown IV July 25th uploaded to YouTube

Here is the full set now up on YouTube from June 26th

CC In LockdownFB Live May 22nd 2020

Look here's a FB Live for Manx Radio!

CC Live IN Lockdown on FB April 24th

Daphne's Flight Rescheduled tour dates 2022!

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