Live Shows 2020 

Due to Covid 19 all shows in person have been suspended.

However ... there are online alternatives that Christine has fully embraced and hopes to bring more live experiences to your attention in the coming weeks and months ... so don't despair! 

Christine's next FaceBook Live is: Saturday July 25th 10am (BST). Inspired by While&Matthews' early weekend gigs to accommodate their loyal Australian fans ... Christine is hoping her granddaughters :Bella and Chiara, and Indi who live in Sydney, will join in the fun! This earlier UK time means it will be 5pm in Perth WA (where Christine's brother Paul lives:); 7pm in QLD, NSW and Victoria and 9pm in New Zealand. Wherever you are on the planet it will be lovely to connect!

Previous FB Lives can be found below or on Christine's FaceBook pages

Here is the full set now up on YouTube from June 26th

For bookings and availability of

Christine solo or Collister & Fix,

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Phone, 07973 463767

Blue Moon Music Agency.

CC In LockdownFB Live May 22nd 2020

Look here's a FB Live for Manx Radio!

CC Live IN Lockdown on FB April 24th

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