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Blogpost October 19th

The seasons are changing rapidly now … fewer and fewer leaves on the trees and those left are less ablaze, while those still hanging on, dress the thinning boughs with more muted tones of red, yellow and bronzy-golds. The forest floor is bursting with numerous fungi and the light is fading fast. This weekend our clocks turn back … bringing the fast approaching winter darkness earlier each day.

I’m so grateful to be living on the Isle of Man at such a tumultuous time. We live in relative safety here and are surrounded by great natural beauty which goes a long way to soothing an otherwise troubled soul. The privilege is certainly not lost on me.

Last week I was able to upload the audio files for the live solo CD HOME (first released in 2003 in celebration - then - of 20 years being a professional musician!) now available for purchase HERE. Alongside the original CD were a number of enhancements which are more difficult to make available in a digital format but I’m happy to share the beautiful video of Vincent, filmed/directed/edited and orchestrated by Dave Armstrong of DAM productions way back then. Time flies like an arrow... fruit flies like a banana! That is one of my all-time favourite jokes … couldn’t resist!

Apart from that, the only other bit of news I have to share is that I have finally run out of LOVE CDs, however, there are still a number of Vinyl copies I could make available if there were any interest? I was amazed to sell half a dozen at our CC&Friends show at the Villa Arcade recently. I think there are 12 LPs left … any takers?

Talking of recent gigs ... here's a wee snippet of that very show last month:

OK so that’s it for now, though I’m hoping to have a link for tickets to the Christmas themed concert happening at the Villa Arcade: Wednesday December 16th - soon! CC&Friends this time will consist of the fabulous vocal combination of myself, Christy DeHaven, Lindsay Rowe (and her fabulous keys!:) and the wonderfully talented partnership of Jo&Juan Callister … we promise to make your hearts soar! I know ours will!

Till then … stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Much love

Christine x

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  • Christine Collister

Ola Blogpost readers!

I spent a good deal of the past few weeks practising songs from the depths of my chequered musical past … in preparation for my fourth CC In Lockdown FB Live mini concerts. There are too many songs I simply couldn’t dredge up the chords for from my overloaded brain. But in the end settled for a six song set which included two accapella performances (a neat yet musical way to avoid more chord shortages!).

It’s the oddest experience (still!) to perform, with conviction, songs that touch my heart, only to open my eyes to a short bubble of silence which is mostly filled with … a giggle. My incredulity has no other response! Oh yes and there are those delightful floating hearts with the occasional angry face that let me know someone's there! But for all that it’s more than a little weird, I am truly grateful for those of you who turn up time and time again to support and (hopefully) enjoy my efforts. You matter to me! THANK YOU 🙏

Living on the Isle of Man - one of the safest places on the planet right now - where we continue to be Covid-free (70 plus days), we are able to go about our daily business with hardly any restrictions. So much so that a week or more ago I was approached by Kevin Madigan at the Villa Arcade to do an actual concert with a non-social-distancing audience … on Saturday September 19th. I said yes!

We’re calling the event: Christine Collister and friends … so far I’ve invited Lindsay and Steve Rowe (keyboards/BVs and electric bass:) Callum Rowe & Christy DeHaven BVs. They have all accepted their invite 🥰 … I’m just waiting on finding out about a super-talented trumpeter and singer to join us … exciting possibilities! We shall see. But needless to say I’m very happy and more than a little excited by the prospect of singing to an actual in-front-of-me audience with wonderfully talented friends. I’m looking into the possibility of streaming some of the concert … wi-fi dependant. I’ll let you know …

I forgot to mention last time that I found a clutch of the Fled’gling Records re-release double CDs Blue Aconite/The Dark Gift Of Time, in my store cupboard, that I’d bought to sell on the Daphne’s Flight tour in May. For now I’ve placed them in the shop for your delectation. I’m also trying to get the DVD CC XX digitised (celebrating 20 years in the business) … so that it’s available as a download. I can but try. It’s a really great combination of interview footage; live performance and tv broadcasts over those first few decades, with a handful of extras that include full song performances solo, with Clive Gregson and the CC Trio with Howard Lees and Rory McFarlane as well as some anecdotal bits and pieces thrown in for fun. Who knew I’d still be doing it almost 20 years on!?

In other news I’ve just decided to do another FaceBook CC In Lockdown Live: Saturday August 29th … I’m reverting back to my 7.30pm (BST) slot so that those in the US who like to join live, have the opportunity to do so. I say it every time but … I may curtail these online forays in the not-too-distant-future? It’s difficult to know if they’re a bit of an overload … there’s so much going on out there! But for now … perhaps I’ll see you at the end of the month? I hope so.

On that note I shall say au revoir … stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Endless blessings

Christine xx

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Blogpost 3 July 8th 2020

Welcome to this particular musing. Still in Lockdown where you are? The Isle of Man has un done almost all the restrictions that have been in place for 3 months. We’ve been 45 plus days without a new infection with all cases closed as I type. Our borders remain closed to all but essential workers and the transportation of freight. We are not self sufficient. Food is brought in daily.

The height of these freedoms for me came on Sunday evening when my wonderfully talented friends who form the inspired party band “Lava” invited me to sing a few songs at their reestablished monthly Sunday gig at The British in Douglas. What would it be like to be in a group of people again? And to receive their warm enthusiasm?! It was AWESOME! I can tell you (not that you need me to say it:) that it was enlivening, exciting and totally what the doctor ordered! People danced their sweaty socks off and sang along with rare abandon!

The Island is 32 miles by 11 with a population of around 80,000 … an easier place and portion of humanity to isolate and keep safe … once the Virus was rooted out. There are of course still precautions ahead and borders to be wary of but we are reaping the benefits of a natural border and a cautious approach.

I have done more in these quiet months than I think I’ve ever done in a career sense. I’ve reached out to the ethereal world of social media, the little I feel comfortable engaging with. I’ve dolled-up the website (as you’re no doubt aware:) have installed a shop! The time spent in conversation with platforms and technical bods around the planet in order to achieve that were ridiculous! But I forged through and somehow broke enough tangled red-tape to get the job done.

I did my accounts! Seriously! I’m up to date with all that … stuff! I made more videos than I’ve ever done in my life! I am in fact still making them … watch this space for the next Blogpost and news of my alter ego: Christine-the-granny-Diva!

I have enjoyed the weird and wonderful experience that is FaceBook Live. I’ve managed 4 so far … approximately one a month with a whole slew of songs, until this forced situation, I could not play for love nor money! Now I’m doing it for love and the gratitude gifts some very kind souls are happy to give! I think I’ve successfully recalled 24 songs so far with another batch of 5 or 6 to work on for my next … which I’ve decided to do on a Saturday morning so that my gorgeous grand daughters Bella and Chiara can watch live from Sydney Australia! It’s worth a try. Please note the date in your busy schedules ;-) Saturday July 25th at 10am (BST) 5pm Perth WA and 7pm in QLD, NSW and Victoria; 9pm in New Zealand. I’m hoping to reach a bunch of lovely beings in the Southern Hemisphere! I can dream! Of course anyone is most welcome! I couldn't do it without you! . :-) x

I love people! And I love the Earth. I love the images beamed back to us from space. Our world is herself! No borders cut into the land; no ownership; no demarkation of power. And right now she is reclaiming herself in remarkable ways. While I love the saying: This too shall pass … I truly hope she’s given enough time to heal the wounds we by-and-large inflict on her.

Stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Till next time x Love is all there is x Christine x

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