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Blogpost No 5 2022 May

Is it me or is time speeding up (again!)? It’s hard to fathom how we’re fast approaching the middle of the year! But here we be …

It’s been a productive month for me. I now have 6 songs complete and the seventh, which I’m writing with the fabulous Michael Fix, is well on its way to being finished too. I’m properly amazed at the output. Now wether anyone likes what’s been created is another thing entirely but I’m very hopeful.

To whet your appetite for more creations here’s a sneak preview of song number 3 which is about a favourite place I love to sea dip: Fenella Beach.

The garden and the greenhouse in particular have been inspiring the last few weeks too. I even had a fully ripe strawberry from last year’s plants which was utterly delicious. Two teeny-weeny plants from a garden centre that gave me a pound or more of delicious fruit last year have sprung into an amazing trough (built by Bob:) filled with very happy plants now competing for how many flowers they can produce … it’s a wonder!

The potatoes have started flourishing too and I’ve planted out a whole slew of tiny carrot seedlings which - miracle-of-miracles - have survived an entire week outside! I planted out a load of seedlings last October and only one survived (after three days!) That carrot is now looking like a giant … I darn’t pick it for fear it’s all top and no trousers ;-) x

My early walks with Sweep continue to be a joy. We’ve walked the beach on mornings when the tide is way out and there’s not another soul about … apart from the seagulls, Manx Shearwaters and guillemots which Sweep is enamoured of but can get nowhere near … thankfully. He’s never been interested in getting in the water until last week when it was exceptionally still. He happily trotted in and out several times but has shown no interest since … go figure. Makes me laugh.

My wee Facebook Live was fun if a little chaotic to begin with when I realised (too late!) that I hadn’t turned on the video to upload to YouTube later … hey-ho. I’d spent so much bloody time setting up so it would run smoothly. I can dream!

If you weren't able to watch at the time it's still available on FB Or on YT.

I’m excited to be performing with my “Friends” at the Erin Arts Centre (Isle of Man) on Saturday July 2nd. Tickets now available: HERE

I just want to mention that Daphne’s Flight are now out on tour. Please do go to as many shows are you’re able! They’ve waited a very long time to be able to promote On Arrival which is a wonderful album I share love and pride in. Tour dates can be found: HERE … I’m with them in spirit!

So I will continue to write up a storm and hope that in the not-too-distant future I can mix and master and prepare to have an actual CD to share with you … I’m aiming for mid November but let’s see how life shows up. I’m certainly doing my bit!

Till next month gorgeous beings ... stay well and keep rising above the turbulence.

Endless blessings!

Christine xxx

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  • Christine Collister

Blogpost April 2022

So much to tell … so little time!

First of all the great news is that myself, Bob and mum all sped through the dreaded lurgy with relative ease and are all in fine fettle once more. Spring is fully up and running in a blaze of light and glorious colour and even the temperature's easing up little by little. Ain’t nature a wonder.

My creative juices are well and truly back and flowing. I now have 5 songs completed for The Children Of The Sea project (an album of original songs inspired by Manx Folklore and a magical sense of place:). For someone who rarely let’s her songwriting wings unfold - frankly I’m amazed! I’ll share a snippet of song number 2 here in the belly of the Blogpost in the hope I can pique your interest in learning more about the whole process.

She Was A Wise Woman is inspired by the well known tale (here on the island) of The Witch Of Slieu Whallian. I’m definitely going to have to write my own versions of the stories and share the inspirations that sparked the songwriting process. There are details that simply can’t be included that make for interesting reading. I’ll probably have them here on the website - once I have all the songs done. But for now here’s a couple of verse and choruses to whet your appetite:

I have an imminent FB Live this coming Saturday April 16th at 10.30am (BST) … I hope you can join me for a fairly relaxed performance in mum’s sunroom. I’ve managed to glue my guitar nails in place though as yet I’m undecided as to which songs I’ll be playing. Unfortunately none of the new songs are ready for such an outing though I’m hoping that by the summer perhaps one or two will make their debut? I’ve had a few requests I’m happy to include … tune in on Saturday to find out what they are.

I can now officially announce that I shall be performing alongside my lovely musical friends Lindsay, Steve and Callum Rowe, Christy DeHaven and Jo&Juan Callister, at the Manannan Festival Saturday July 2nd at the Erin Arts Centre. It will be almost exactly a year since I last performed with real people for real people! Life is never less than interesting n’est pas? I’ll share more info next time when the ticket links should be available.

In other news … I’ve planted second early and main crop potatoes and tidied up the green house ready for a slew of seeds to propagate. So far, waiting in tiny pots ready to break the compost surface are: dwarf French beans which were a triumph last year; tiger tomatoes, ridged cucumbers firsts for me, chocolate sweet peppers (why not?), chillis, rainbow carrots (I don’t hold out much hope. But always worth a go) and the large planter Bob made for my strawberry plants’ babies inside the green house last year, is bursting with life again. There are even flowers blossoming! So yes I’m also feeling excited about another summer of growing fruit and veg. I grew from seed and planted out about 6 purple sprouting broccoli last year, which are now (9 or 10 m months later?) groaning with beautiful deep purple long stemmed veg!

Bob’s built several raised beds on the patio which are great. One was planted with garlic, red onion, leeks, beetroot and turnips last October. There were also several rows of carrots …but only 1 single carrot has survived … I will count my blessings! So there is plenty to be getting on with and much to be grateful for.

My early morning walks continue to bring me great joy especially as the dawn chorus has turned right up. What an awesome and riotous cacophony it is - pure joy!

I'll share more creative endeavours next month. Hope to see you on Saturday.

Till next time keep rising above the turbulence!

Much love

Christine x

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  • Christine Collister

Blogpost No 3 March 2022

Ola sweet Blogpost readers. I have a rollercoaster ride of news this month. First of all I have actual evidence of songwriting success. Hurrah. And I’m going to be brave and share a snippet!

Before that though let me say that my creative regime started Feb 7th and was working a treat. I got up just before 6am … walked Sweep; meditated; then sat down at the computer and wrote. I have half a dozen songs on the go and one completed. I was feeling great!

Then last week mum had laryngitis which for a couple of days was quite funny. You should have heard her! She was fine in herself and was getting better each day. Then Wednesday she was ready to go back to day care but tested positive! And so did me and Bob. Boo! So we are cosied up in the house till March 19th and I’ve lost my creative mojo. Well I say lost … there are flickers of it returning now the initial tiredness and head cold symptoms are subsiding. I’ll get back to it! We are all absolutely fine so please don’t worry about us. We’re made of strong stuff.

So to my finished song. It’s inspired by the tale of how the birds of the island decided who would be king of the birds. Here’s a snippet to pique your interest:

The next song or at least the one closest to a finished lyric is a somewhat darker tale and at the moment is called “She Was A Wise Woman”. It tells of a tragedy with the Herring Fleet of Peel one midsummer’s eve. There was a tradition of asking the local wise woman what kind of catch they could expect. But on this dreadful occasion all she saw was death! I shall leave you with that cliff hanger and hopefully have some music to share next month.

The project I’m working on (working title “Children Of The Sea”) is being supported equally by the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin. I am incredibly grateful to them both.

There is very little else to talk about as I’m sure you’ll appreciate however there are 2 glimpses of delight on the horizon. Hurrah! Firstly I have been invited to take part in a festival here on the island at the beginning of July. I’m thrilled to be able to work with local musicians and singers once more though I’ll hold off telling you the details till we have everything confirmed. But I’m excited!

And last of all I had chosen April 2nd for my FaceBook Live as a Saturday brunch time 10.30am which would enable my lovely grand daughters the chance to watch live at 8.30pm their time in Sydney … however I feel I’ll need a couple of weeks extra recovery so I’m back on my game so-to-speak … which brings us to Saturday April 16th 10.30am. I hope that works for you. As usual I’ll be doing a 30 minute smorgasbord of songs with enthusiasm and bewilderment. Hope to see you then.

Now you know everything!

I’m pretty sure I’ll have more musical break throughs to share next month and maybe even some gardening adventures too? I have my seed potatoes awaiting chitting and loads of seeds to sew in the next few weeks. I really need to clear out the green house - what’s left standing after our month of storms! All is well all shall be well.

Till then dear readers … stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Much love

Christine xxx

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