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This Blogpost is jammed packed with news of events, releases, a delightful podcast guest appearance and the exciting news that a new recording project is soon to be started! Hold on to your hats everyone … here we go!

I was thrilled to be a headlining artist here on the Isle of Man at Yn Chruinnaght Celtic Gathering 2021. The gig was somewhat thwarted by the sharp rise of CV19 on the tiny Isle which kept the majority of music lovers away from the Peel Centenary Hall last Friday July 23rd. However we were delighted to be able to share the entire show via the wonderful technology of Live Streaming which was shared to Yn Chruinnaght’s FB page. Set 1 available: HERE (Start around 13:30.)

Set 2 available: HERE (Start around 3:30.)

I was joined by my talented band of Friends: Christy DeHaven, Lindsay, Steve and Callum Rowe and Jack Divers - only our second ever gig. We hope to make it into double figures one day! Between us we made some beautiful music. The brave souls who joined us in person were enthusiastic in their appreciation. The feeling of community spirit created between us all was truly up-lifting. Hurrah for live music!

My mum came along with my lovely cousin Alan and his gorgeous wife Clare who just about managed to keep her out of trouble (no easy task!). Hilariously ... she was dolled up to the nines in a sparkly lurex dress, sparkly sandals and (on one of the hottest nights of the year!!) her faux fur coat! She had fun and that's what matters! Here we are sharing our sparklyness at half time:

I’ve mentioned numerous times over the last few years about the I AM OF IRELAND/Yeats in song project that I’ve been involved with. I feature on three of the 24 tracks that make up this beautiful CD . I am delighted to be included in such a pantheon of highly respected Celtic artists, alongside wonderful American composer Raymond Driver whose project this is, and his hard working engineer Gabe Rhodes and producer Paul Marstellar. The album is finally available for Download and the reviews so far are wonderful. It is always an honour to be invited and included in a creative undertaking. So many kind, thoughtful, talented and supportive collaborators here … it is a beautiful work of art that I’m very proud to be a part of.

Today (Saturday July 31st 2021) I will be the special guest on The Spiritual Geek Out Podcast, the fabulous creation of Diane Hudock, a very dear friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles. She is a wonderful spiritual teacher, Biofield practitioner, healer, actress, comedienne and all round gorgeous woman. This is an unusual interview for me given that the general leaning is on our spiritual experience but I enjoyed it immensely. Warning … there be dragons in this here conversation! There's also an exclusive video of me toning in a fabulous cave beneath Peel Castle - link available in the show notes.

In more personal news, my veg is really doing well! We've enjoyed delicious Charlotte potatoes, sensational cherry tomatoes, wonderful courgettes and a selection of dark green leafy goodness. I am utter beguiled by nature's bounty - really! It's amazing.

These beauties are seedlings mostly from an organic red pepper bought at Tesco (other shopping establishments available!;) ... I'm enamoured of a wonderful book "Regrown" that encourages us to re-use kitchen scraps ... it works! Have a go yourself!

And finally … with the support and encouragement from numerous friends on and off the island I applied for an Isle of Man Arts Council grant to produce a CD of 10-12 original songs inspired by Manx Folklore and the glorious mystical/mythical landscape of the Isle Of Mann. I’m delighted to say I now have in place half the funds to complete this project and am in process to apply for the balance through another grant giving body here on the tiny isle … I’ll have to wait till September to see if I’m successful with that! But I’m excited to begin the creative process which starts now! I shall be sharing my creative endeavours along the way!

Phew! That’s a whole heap of stuff to share in one Blogpost … there will be more … I just can’t say when! ;-) x

Stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Endless blessings x Christine x

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  • Christine Collister

What a glorious time of year spring is! The tiny isle (as I like to call the Motherland … the Isle of Mann) is in full radiant spring splendour. Fabulous flowers adorn the hedgerows, fields and glens: daffodils, primroses, blue, white and pink bells, delightful dandelions … camellias, magnolia and every form of tree bud bursting through, making the dark winter months a far distant memory. Apart from yesterday when the cold north wind blew up a storm cloud that made the cherry blossom fall like snow. Nature is a wonder!

I am back to dipping in the Irish Sea sans my three quarter neoprene body armour. Who knew! Not I. I have been in the water every day without fail for the past 8 weeks and at least 3 to 4 times a week before that. It truly is a life saver.

Here's a wee video with some spring-like May inspirations ... and a few apre-dipping smiles ! The song is "Let Me Shine" featured on Under Construction II .

Let me cordially invite you to join me on Saturday May 15th at 7.30pm for a fun-filled FB Live! There’s no need to dress for the occasion but if you fancy making an effort by donning a flouncy cocktail dress or swanning around in top hat and tails, I won’t tell a soul! I want photos if you do! I’m looking at learning a few unusual songs never-before performed and one (a request from my little brother :) is entirely new to me … I’m excited!

In other news we are, once again, out of Lockdown here on Mona’s Isle. And we have been made promises of never being asked to endure that misfortune again! We shall see.

My most exciting news though is that for the very first time I am attempting to grow my own veg! I shall let you know how it's going next month. Evidence blow!

I hope to have more musical offerings to share next month and no doubt delightful bucolic scenes from Manx Glens with sprites and fairies to lift your spirits! And … if things work out I may show you my vegetable-growing endeavours!!

Stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Much love and endless blessings

Christine xx

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  • Christine Collister

Ola gorgeous beings out there in our topsy-turvy world! How are you all holding up? I’m not bad - thanks for asking. Despite the madness we find ourselves in I’m still incredibly grateful.

Things that keep me sane? Dipping in the Irish Sea! I only started this in October (ridiculous I know!) and have managed to get into, often very cold and choppy waters, several times a week. I have, until recently, only dared go in if at least one other brave soul is with me (at a socially acceptable distance when circumstances demand it!). However during our last lockdown - a month ago - I dared myself to dip solo! And found the joys of dipping entirely alone to be exhilarating and delightfully freeing. A fabulous antidote to imposed restrictions! It has to be flat-calm for me to do it but it is a wondrous experience. It helps enormously that someone gifted me a three quarter wet-suit in December - one of the many things in my life to be grateful for!

I enjoyed the intimacy and immediacy of singing in someone’s beautiful home a few weeks ago … just before our latest (third) lockdown … I hold dear that still fresh, vivid memory of the thrill of being in close proximity to people who love music and relish the camaraderie and sheer excitement that singing together brings.

Here to attest that experience is a song from that blissful night:

I’m happy to share with you that I’ll be doing another FaceBook Live this coming Saturday (tomorrow!! Eek!) March 20th at the fun hour of 10am! My gorgeous twin granddaughters are thrilled because at that time it will be 9pm in Sydney where they live and they’ll be staying up late to watch! I hope you can make it too. Leave your slippers on and grab a cuppa, curl up- on the sofa, sit back and relax. I’m looking forward to seeing you then.

There are a number of recorded projects I’ve had the honour to be a part of coming out later this year. There is a teaser track you can listen to HERE that I perform called “The Two Trees” taken from the forth-coming album “I Am Of Ireland” Yeats in song which is due for release in June.

Well my lovelies that’s all I have to share right now. Please do encourage the music lovers in your life to take a peek a the FB Live this coming Saturday … I can imagine you all out there cheering me on!

Take care, stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Much love

Christine x

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