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I miss being with my Daphne's Flight sisters!

Here's a wee reminder why!

Here's the late great Johne Prine's classic song :

"Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness" with the fabulous Brooks Williams - our very first dive into the delightful art form of duetting :-) x

And here at the Royal Albert Hall September 29th 2019 with Richard Thompson and friends!

CC's song for her dad Eddie-The-Crunch "So Brave" 

taken from Daphne's Flight's Newst album "On Arrival"

Michael Fix is one of my favourite musicians and collaborators.

Here's a slice of loveliness from our album:

"North&South" released in September of 2019 

A delightful look into the touring life of Collister & Fix - oh to be on the road again!