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August brings a little respite...

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Blogpost No8 August 2023

This may be a shorter post than usual this month as right now I’m coming to the end of a week of Respite care for mum. When I say "for mum" what I mean to say is ... we've had a week off! Mum’s happily ensconced at a lovely Dementia unit near Ramsey, being beautifully looked after by a wonderful team of caring, dedicated souls. I dropped her off on Monday afternoon (August 21st) and will pick her up again tomorrow (Monday 28th) once the roads open after the last of the Manx Grand Prix races.

I can’t describe the sheer pleasure and sense of freedom we feel. It’s a miracle to experience the simple joy of not having to be on call 24/7. We’ve spent time with friends and not had to end our connection by saying … “sorry we can’t stay longer but we have to get back …” and then again we’ve just done nothing at all but walk Sweep, eat lovely food and properly rest. It’s been bliss!

It all came about after losing Daycare. Mum was assigned a social worker who quickly organised the respite process. It was all confirmed a few weeks ago so we’ve had relatively little time to think about it. And now it’s here … it’s almost gone. But we feel refreshed and rested and ready for the next round, however long that may be. If this works though it will be possible to book something longer in the not too distant future. Keep your fingers firmly crossed for us. Thanks!

Apart from that … the garden has been somewhat battered by strong south westerly winds for a few weeks which has been a real challenge for some of the lovely flowers we’ve planted. While the gladioli are now starting to flower many of them were flattened to the ground. It’s amazing how generous and resilient vegetation is. The tomatoes are finally coming into their own and Bob’s done wonders with the windfall apples off the tree in the garden … I smell the sweet aromas of an apple crumble as I type.

There is news to share about The Children Of The Sea and I can see the finish line in the distance. Nicola Dixon has shared some of her progress with me and I’m thrilled. The three songs she’s creating illustrations for are “Wise Woman”, “A Mermaid’s Song” and “No Way Back” … they look fantastic! And I think … that I may have actually created the front cover image. Who knew? We’ll have to wait and see if it makes it all the way to the end but at the moment at least … I’m surprisingly pleased with what’s come into being.

Once more I have failed to produce a specially recorded Blogpost song. I know you’ll forgive me! In its place I have another demo of a song you might appreciate hearing. “No One Knows His Name” is another song I wrote for a Daphne’s Flight album, “Knows Time, Knows Change”, this is one of the the first versions I demoed in 2015. The format and some of the lyrics changed along the way. Obviously the finished version benefits greatly from being Daphnified but on this simple demo you’ll hear me playing with harmony ideas between the verses which didn’t survive but which don’t sound all that bad. Let me know what you think?

I’ll leave you here for this month and hope to see you again towards the end of September … will someone please find the brakes of Time and apply a little pressure?!

Until next month stay well and keep rising above the turbulence.

With love and endless blessings

Christine x

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