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Happy Christmas!

A short but heartfelt Christmas message:

Ola gorgeous reader I just wanted to wish you a wonderful, warm and peace-filled Christmas. I will be creating an end of year Blogpost for you between now and New Year's Eve ... but these few Christmassy musical moments will be past their use by date by then.

So here for your Christmas delectation is an accapella version of In The Bleak Mid Winter - enjoy! For some reason I can not get the Souncloud Player to show itself - the link should take you to the audio.

The other seasonally appropriate thing I wanted to share with you is a wee video of Christmas song moments from my guest appearance with local choir Manx Voices that took place on Dec 15th ... I'm just a bit tardy getting it to you! Think of it as an early Christmas gift ;-) x

It seems Wix isn't playing nice the day before Christmas and its usual user-friendly features don't want to play. C'est la vie! I will leave another link for you should you wish to follow it all the way to YouTube?

Sending you the warmest wishes I can muster! Have a beautiful time. See you next week!

Stay well and Keep rising above the turbulence!

With love and endless blessings!

Christine x

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1 commentaire

Massimo Pulleghini
Massimo Pulleghini
24 déc. 2023

Merry Christmas, Chris.

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