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Life is rich beyond measure!

Blogpost No11 November 2022

It’s been a full and expansive month. The Children Of The Sea songs are now fully mixed and mastered and will now lie in wait while the next phase of the project comes into being: a beautiful book to accompany the music with stories/inspirations/lyrics and art work as yet to be created! It’s a very exciting prospect and the Universe seems to be conspiring to bring it into manifestation. I will, of course, keep you up-dated as and when these vital components come together.

Here’s a snippet of the final track: Slane Lhiat:

On November 1st at 11.11pm I became a great-auntie! My incredibly inspiring nephew Connor and his amazing partner Niamh became parents for the first time and are now in love with and dedicated to the most gorgeous little girl: Adeline Esther Rose. My little brother Colin and gorgeous sister-in-law Rachel, have become grand parents for the first time and they are, of course, head-over-heels in love with Adeline, as are the rest of the family. She has brought immense love into the world! I couldn’t be more proud of Connor and Niamh or more delighted to welcome Adeline into all our lives. She is loved so much already!

In between all this excitement there were 4 rehearsals and a gig to fit into what was an already busy month. I performed with my fabulous Friends at the Centenary Centre Peel (Isle of Mann) on Saturday November 12th to an almost full house. It was an awesome evening filled with delight, warmth and generous appreciation. Here’s a selection of song snippets from the first half of the show … thanks as always to Bob for filming as much as he could on his phone (I love technology - when it works!). I managed to grab most of the first half on my phone at the side of the stage but failed miserably with the second half but there may be enough with Bob’s camera and a bit from Christy DeHaven’s phone which she managed to set up at the back of the stage … it’s an “interesting” angle! But not sure the sound is good enough. We’ll see. Next month I’ll share whatever I’m able to edit together. Wish me luck.

In a year where 2 gigs is all I have to look back on, I cherish these moments even more than if I were on tour constantly. I do hanker for a time when touring is possible for me again. For those of you who ask “When are you coming to my neck of the woods” … the answer is: as soon as humanly possible but please do extend your patience a little further. Thank you!

Dipping has been an even more deeply nourishing experience this month. I have dipped in the near dark, at first light, dusk and full glorious sea sparkling daylight. Some of the highlights have been with dear mer-pals and an assortment of seals! And being in the pink light of dawn and a full bright pearly moon is a simple joy I can not describe adequately. These moments are huge blessings that make life beautiful beyond measure. I am truly grateful.

In celebration of November dips and dog walks byt the sea here's a wee video accompanied by one of the tracks from Feminine Logic: Like A Mermaid ... coz yer know I am!

Thank you as always for stopping by. I really do appreciate you! Till next month dear reader. Stay well and keep rising above the turbulence.

All my love

Christine x

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