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Ups and downs

Blogpost No 3 March 2022

Ola sweet Blogpost readers. I have a rollercoaster ride of news this month. First of all I have actual evidence of songwriting success. Hurrah. And I’m going to be brave and share a snippet!

Before that though let me say that my creative regime started Feb 7th and was working a treat. I got up just before 6am … walked Sweep; meditated; then sat down at the computer and wrote. I have half a dozen songs on the go and one completed. I was feeling great!

Then last week mum had laryngitis which for a couple of days was quite funny. You should have heard her! She was fine in herself and was getting better each day. Then Wednesday she was ready to go back to day care but tested positive! And so did me and Bob. Boo! So we are cosied up in the house till March 19th and I’ve lost my creative mojo. Well I say lost … there are flickers of it returning now the initial tiredness and head cold symptoms are subsiding. I’ll get back to it! We are all absolutely fine so please don’t worry about us. We’re made of strong stuff.

So to my finished song. It’s inspired by the tale of how the birds of the island decided who would be king of the birds. Here’s a snippet to pique your interest:

The next song or at least the one closest to a finished lyric is a somewhat darker tale and at the moment is called “She Was A Wise Woman”. It tells of a tragedy with the Herring Fleet of Peel one midsummer’s eve. There was a tradition of asking the local wise woman what kind of catch they could expect. But on this dreadful occasion all she saw was death! I shall leave you with that cliff hanger and hopefully have some music to share next month.

The project I’m working on (working title “Children Of The Sea”) is being supported equally by the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin. I am incredibly grateful to them both.

There is very little else to talk about as I’m sure you’ll appreciate however there are 2 glimpses of delight on the horizon. Hurrah! Firstly I have been invited to take part in a festival here on the island at the beginning of July. I’m thrilled to be able to work with local musicians and singers once more though I’ll hold off telling you the details till we have everything confirmed. But I’m excited!

And last of all I had chosen April 2nd for my FaceBook Live as a Saturday brunch time 10.30am which would enable my lovely grand daughters the chance to watch live at 8.30pm their time in Sydney … however I feel I’ll need a couple of weeks extra recovery so I’m back on my game so-to-speak … which brings us to Saturday April 16th 10.30am. I hope that works for you. As usual I’ll be doing a 30 minute smorgasbord of songs with enthusiasm and bewilderment. Hope to see you then.

Now you know everything!

I’m pretty sure I’ll have more musical break throughs to share next month and maybe even some gardening adventures too? I have my seed potatoes awaiting chitting and loads of seeds to sew in the next few weeks. I really need to clear out the green house - what’s left standing after our month of storms! All is well all shall be well.

Till then dear readers … stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Much love

Christine xxx

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Jonathan Neuhaus
Jonathan Neuhaus
May 29, 2023

I'd love to live by the ocean as you do. How warm does your water get in summer? I grew up near Cape Cod, Massachusetts's, but as I age I've been spoiled by more southern water temperatures. Still the colder climes still seem more "oceany" and native to me. Your beautiful coast reminds me of our North coast of Maine. Cold, rocky, and full of "lobstahs" as we like to pronounce it. Good luck to mom,


Pittsburgh, PA

Jonathan Neuhaus
Jonathan Neuhaus
May 29, 2023
Replying to

I've got the Irish in me too. My forebears must be calling me.

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