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2022 - a year of abundance and creativity!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Happy new year!

I have been absent without leave for quite a while. Nothing dreadful is going on but the energy needed to move creatively has been missing. It is on its way back! 2022 promises to be a year of leaping forward in tune with a wonderful wave of creativity. I plan to ride that wave!

There are of course certain changes - transformations even - that have taken place during this deeply contemplative time. The most significant and painful for me was making the decision to leave Daphne’s Flight. The announcement was made via FaceBook on Saturday (Jan 8th 2022) that I am unavailable to tour this year and that the rather wonderful Miranda Sykes will be joining Daphne’s for the foreseeable future. I am thrilled for Daphne’s and Miranda … it’s an inspired combination and I’m sure will prove to be a marvellous development of what has always been a powerful, musical and magical female force. Good luck Daphne’s … fly high!

I will reiterate here that I am perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit and although a little trepidatious as to how the future might look or sound, I’m actually excited to be viewing life through delightfully crystal clear lenses. I trust you are all in some ways, feeling similarly.

I have several musical projects that are coming online with giddy excitement. I have a special project supported by 2 venerable Manx institutions: The Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin who have seen fit to award me equal funding to create an album of songs inspired by Manx Folklore and a (magical:) sense of place. I have so many themes and stories running through my head right now - the time is getting closer when these songs will be ready to step forward to be completed. I’m hoping to be able to share their progress as we move further into this abundant year.

There are also songs that Michael Fix and I started recording a year or more ago, that won’t wait any longer. It’s always a joy to collaborate with Michael even at the great distances we still have to contend with. We’re hoping to pick up where we left off in 2020 and be able to perform together again, if not this year, then most definitely 2023. May the long distance recording process be well and truly back on track this year.

And talking of the marvellous Mr Michael Fix here’s something he’s been working on, on our behalf recently:


“It's been 2 years since Christine Collister & I last performed together, in fact, our very last concert was in Gladstone (Qld), the night before the first wave of Covid lockdowns began in March 2020.

North & South is our second album, and was a popular seller at our concerts. With Christine's impeccable song choice, (and incredible vocal ability), this album has become a personal favourite of mine.

It's only now become available on all streaming platforms - we invite you to take a listen.

And if you prefer a physical copy, there are still a few copies available here. We love you for that.

If you want to get all fancy with technology, just point your phone camera at this QR code. it will take you to listening options…”

I’ll say au revoir for now and promise to be back with news of how those creative juices are flowing. I’m giving myself the rest of this month to gather my thoughts and have February firmly fixed in my sites as a time to jump in head first.

Until then, stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

With love and endless blessings.

Christine xx

PS: I forgot to say … I turned 60 December 28th 2021! OMG! In celebration of that immutable fact I dipped in the sea; had a beautiful relaxing and very uplifting day of Yin Yoga (and so much more!) with Aoife Belle and many lovely friends who showered me with love, beauty and delight. And I have been treated to many unexpected and wonderful gifts. I feel loved, honoured and truly respected. What more could I ask? Thank you Universe you are amazing.

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