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How fast are we going?!

Blogpost No 5 2022 May

Is it me or is time speeding up (again!)? It’s hard to fathom how we’re fast approaching the middle of the year! But here we be …

It’s been a productive month for me. I now have 6 songs complete and the seventh, which I’m writing with the fabulous Michael Fix, is well on its way to being finished too. I’m properly amazed at the output. Now wether anyone likes what’s been created is another thing entirely but I’m very hopeful.

To whet your appetite for more creations here’s a sneak preview of song number 3 which is about a favourite place I love to sea dip: Fenella Beach.

The garden and the greenhouse in particular have been inspiring the last few weeks too. I even had a fully ripe strawberry from last year’s plants which was utterly delicious. Two teeny-weeny plants from a garden centre that gave me a pound or more of delicious fruit last year have sprung into an amazing trough (built by Bob:) filled with very happy plants now competing for how many flowers they can produce … it’s a wonder!

The potatoes have started flourishing too and I’ve planted out a whole slew of tiny carrot seedlings which - miracle-of-miracles - have survived an entire week outside! I planted out a load of seedlings last October and only one survived (after three days!) That carrot is now looking like a giant … I darn’t pick it for fear it’s all top and no trousers ;-) x

My early walks with Sweep continue to be a joy. We’ve walked the beach on mornings when the tide is way out and there’s not another soul about … apart from the seagulls, Manx Shearwaters and guillemots which Sweep is enamoured of but can get nowhere near … thankfully. He’s never been interested in getting in the water until last week when it was exceptionally still. He happily trotted in and out several times but has shown no interest since … go figure. Makes me laugh.

My wee Facebook Live was fun if a little chaotic to begin with when I realised (too late!) that I hadn’t turned on the video to upload to YouTube later … hey-ho. I’d spent so much bloody time setting up so it would run smoothly. I can dream!

If you weren't able to watch at the time it's still available on FB Or on YT.

I’m excited to be performing with my “Friends” at the Erin Arts Centre (Isle of Man) on Saturday July 2nd. Tickets now available: HERE

I just want to mention that Daphne’s Flight are now out on tour. Please do go to as many shows are you’re able! They’ve waited a very long time to be able to promote On Arrival which is a wonderful album I share love and pride in. Tour dates can be found: HERE … I’m with them in spirit!

So I will continue to write up a storm and hope that in the not-too-distant future I can mix and master and prepare to have an actual CD to share with you … I’m aiming for mid November but let’s see how life shows up. I’m certainly doing my bit!

Till next month gorgeous beings ... stay well and keep rising above the turbulence.

Endless blessings!

Christine xxx

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תגובה אחת

Janet Lacey
Janet Lacey
16 ביוני 2022

Thank you so much good way to start my day 👍👌

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