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Recreating in Lockdown

I didn't mean to start revamping my website but here I am doing just that. Or at least trying! It is most definitely not my forte ... tweaking anything in a technical sense. But times they are strange so equally strange actions are called up to meet and mulch over this mess.

I have already played two (solo!) FaceBook Lives ... in a week! My very first livestream was played outside in the garden (I had no idea the router was close enough until we gave it a go!). And my second came about because of the first. Christy DeHaven, a lovely friend who hosts several shows on Manx Radio here on the Isle of Man, suggested it would be a grand idea if I "took over" their FaceBook page and streamed to their (massive!) listening and watching audience, direct from my living room on Tuesday night. Well ... it would be rude not to!

I opted for a 20 minute slot which consisted of 3 songs not played on the Friday performance, with plenty of banter between myself, my husband Bob (who attempted to inform me who was posting comments as they came in!) and my 82 year old mother, Maggie, who came in to see what all the fuss was about halfway through. She did no more than plonk herself down in an armchair in her fluffy red dressing gown, and proceeded to clap and chat with me completely unaware she was being heard by an untold multitude of people around the planet!

Should you wish to experience these two quite different events they are now embedded on the "Live/Events" page.

I now need to figure out how to post this Blogpost and maybe prettify it with a photo or 2? Watch this space ... I could make this a new habit! Thanks for mooching around the site and please do subscribe both here and on my YouTube channel (it makes a huge difference to what I'm able to do using that particular platform).

Much love and stay well

Christine x

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1 Comment

Ian Richardson
Ian Richardson
May 21, 2020

Ever since you stepped in a ran a choral session, many years ago now, that I was privileged to sing in, I've often though how much I'd like to hear you sing Joan Armatrading's Down to Zero. Maybe Lockdown is the time!

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