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The merry, merry month of May

What a glorious time of year spring is! The tiny isle (as I like to call the Motherland … the Isle of Mann) is in full radiant spring splendour. Fabulous flowers adorn the hedgerows, fields and glens: daffodils, primroses, blue, white and pink bells, delightful dandelions … camellias, magnolia and every form of tree bud bursting through, making the dark winter months a far distant memory. Apart from yesterday when the cold north wind blew up a storm cloud that made the cherry blossom fall like snow. Nature is a wonder!

I am back to dipping in the Irish Sea sans my three quarter neoprene body armour. Who knew! Not I. I have been in the water every day without fail for the past 8 weeks and at least 3 to 4 times a week before that. It truly is a life saver.

Here's a wee video with some spring-like May inspirations ... and a few apre-dipping smiles ! The song is "Let Me Shine" featured on Under Construction II .

Let me cordially invite you to join me on Saturday May 15th at 7.30pm for a fun-filled FB Live! There’s no need to dress for the occasion but if you fancy making an effort by donning a flouncy cocktail dress or swanning around in top hat and tails, I won’t tell a soul! I want photos if you do! I’m looking at learning a few unusual songs never-before performed and one (a request from my little brother :) is entirely new to me … I’m excited!

In other news we are, once again, out of Lockdown here on Mona’s Isle. And we have been made promises of never being asked to endure that misfortune again! We shall see.

My most exciting news though is that for the very first time I am attempting to grow my own veg! I shall let you know how it's going next month. Evidence blow!

I hope to have more musical offerings to share next month and no doubt delightful bucolic scenes from Manx Glens with sprites and fairies to lift your spirits! And … if things work out I may show you my vegetable-growing endeavours!!

Stay well and keep rising above the turbulence!

Much love and endless blessings

Christine xx

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